Sunday, November 04, 2012

David Brin explains the Fiscal Cliff (and who we should blame for this latest mess)

Pitanje - how have we Americans been able to afford the endless trade deficits that propel world development?

Odgovor nije - imamo nosecu valutu, pa mozemo da imamo deficit koliki hocemo. Jer, dug uvek mora da se vrati... Pa sta je onda odgovor?

Simple. Science and technology. Each decade since the 1940s saw new, U.S.-led advances that engendered enough wealth to let us pay for all the stuff pouring out of Asian factories, giving poor workers jobs. Jet planes, rockets, satellites, electronics & transistors & lasers, telecom, pharmaceuticals… and the Internet. How I’d love to see a second “National Debt Clock” showing where we’d be now, if we (the citizens) had charged just a 5% royalty on the fruits of U.S. federal research. We’d be in the black!

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