Sunday, September 02, 2012

Murray Rothbard i Fridman o zlatnom standardu

... We have thus come to the cardinal difference between myself and the bulk of those economists who still advocate a return to the gold standard. These economists .. essentially believe that the old pre-1933 gold standard was a fine and viable institution in all its parts, and that going off gold in 1933 was a single wicked act of will that only needs to be repealed in order to re-establish our monetary system on a sound foundation.

 I, on the contrary, view 1933 as but the last link in a whole chain of unfortunate actions; it seems clear to me that the gold standard of the 1920s was so vitiated as to be ready to collapse. A return to such a gold standard, while superior to the present system, would only pave the way for another collapse— and this time, I am afraid, gold would get no further chance. Nastavak

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