Tuesday, November 02, 2010

hoće li evro preživeti krizu?

Can the Euro survive?

By Lionel Barber
Published: October 29 2010 14:02
Last updated: October 29 2010 14:02

Lionel Barber, the FT’s editor, speaks at the John F Kennedy School, Harvard University, on the future for the European Union’s currency - October 26, 2010
Thank you, Nick, for that kind introduction. I am delighted to be back here at the Kennedy School, and even more flattered to be invited to talk about Europe and the euro. After all, euro-pessimism is infectious these days. We are all familiar with sentiment in Britain, the home of euro-pessimism but I was struck by how the disease has spread to India, where I have just been on assignment. The Indian elite is almost as dismissive about Europe – and almost as China-centric – as the chattering classes here in the US.

The charge sheet against Europe runs something like this:

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